HPC's headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, with armoring conversion facilities in the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Jordan.

High Protection Company's principle objectives are to provide security and peace of mind to its clientele. Many top-level executives, corporations, celebrities, artists, athletes, royal families, militaries and governments all over the globe, are currently using our vehicles.

We are extremely pleased that, since our inception, HPC has acquired and maintained the confidence of its clientele regarding:


 Total armor protection with "HPC HighPak" security system.

 Impeccable Finish

 Perfect handling

 Complete Confidentiality


You are cordially invited contact us or visit our facilities and see, first hand, the superior quality and craftsmanship that each custom vehicle receives.

HPC has been able to build on a reputation of knowledge, industry experience, dependability, quality, and customer service, to become one of the largest armored cars company in the world.  With global safety and security concerns reaching heightened levels, HPC continues to reinvest in the research and development of innovative concepts, designs, and products that meet customers ever changing requirements.

As a testament to the significance, we place on quality and customer service, HPC is the only armored company that has flexibility to install armoring in yours cars in your country with our travel group employees registered in the United States that provides Peace, agility and protection to you and your family, executives, corporations, celebrities, artists, athletes, royal families, militaries and governments all over the globe.

With the thousands of units produced to date, HPC has specialized in the complete process— design, engineering, manufacturing, and delivery of cars that protect against explosions, ballistics, projectiles, forced entry in vehicles. Our products are now providing safety and security in USA, Australia, Africa, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Far East, Russia, across the Americas.


With nearly 4000 cars produced in last 8 years and delivery more that 200 countries, HPC could provide armored vehicles anywhere in the world at competitive prices and with delivery schedules much quicker and more reliable than industry average.



1. You can follow the shield of your car and certify the quality.


2. You do not need to import the armored vehicle.


3. You get your car faster.


4. You do not have to worry about import documentation.


5. You will be receiving your vehicle with the same quality as if it were made in our factory.

Our employees have already traveled to more than 45 different countries to armor customers' cars in their home countries.

If a customer has more than 5 cars to armor at the same time, we can send a team to armor the cars in their home country.

After the customer decides to arm their cars with HPC, an HPC representative will go to the place of destination and check the conditions of the place where the cars will be shielded and signs the contract, after signing the contract and receiving money from HPC prepares the vehicles. kit's and sends to the destination, when the kits arrive at the destination (+ or- 15 days) the staff of officials travel to the place to shield the cars, the deadline is approximately 45 days for every 5 cars.

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